Remote Backup

Why Offsite Backup Do you change your backup media daily? If yes do you take them offsite daily?

With offsite backup it allows the security and ease of mind that your data is being backed up nightly offsite in a secure environment.

Where is my data being stored?

The data is stored in SAS 70CPA certified locations around the world. These locations are redundant to each other so if one location is down you will still be able to get your data.

Remote Backup

How is it being transferred?

Your data is compressed, encrypted, then transferred over an encrypted connection back to the data center.

What data can be transferred?

Any normal file data like excel, word, PDF, pictures, video, etc. can be transferred. We can also transfer Exchange server mailbox stores, individual exchange mailboxes, SQL databases, Lotus Domino/Notes, Oracle, and MySQL databases.

When does it backup?

The backup is scheduled around when you want it to backup. Whether that be after business hours or real-time backups that is totally up to you. How long will it take to backup? Depending on you internet connection it can backup 5GB of information in a 10 hour window.

How do you manage the backups?

The backup software is easy to maneuver and can also run your local nightly backups as well as your offsite backups in few easy steps.


The backup location will keep as many revisions of the files as you program. So if you edit a file on Tuesday and realize on Friday you need the version from Monday, just log into the software and download the revision from Monday back down to your computer.

How do you restore a backup?

  1. You can restore files directory from the software installed on your machine. If your machine has been replaced, you can simply reinstall with same username/ password. All configuration data will then be automatically pulled from the main backup server.
  2. For smaller restores or individual files, you can restore directly from the website.
  3. For larger disasters you can order an overnight copy of your data be delivered directly to you from the data center.

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