Fire Extinguisher

Fire extinguishers are your first line of defense in preventing small fires from becoming major fires. Homeland Security Systems is an authorized distributor of fire extinguishers and we carry a wide array of fire extinguishers that are suitable for any application. Our technicians have been trained and certified to inspect. Homeland Security Systems can maintain and service fire extinguishers of any kind. Homeland Security Systems also carries all items that are associated with fire extinguishers as in cabinets, brackets, etc.



Fire Extinguisher Services

  • Inspection – An inspection consits of a quick check of a fire extinguisher to ensure that it is full and has not expired. The fire extinguisher are inspected to ensure the safe operation of the device, ensure it is in its designated place, and that there is no physical damage to the extinguisher. Fire extinguishers must be checked when installed and check within 30-day intervals.

  • Maintenance – Maintenance of a fire extinguisher is to have the extinguisher in working order if there is ever a time it is needed to function. During maintenance we check to see if it will need a recharge, a six-year tear down or a hydrostatic test. Maintenance of fire extinguishers must be completed monthly

  • Recharge - A fire extinguisher should be recharged after every time it is used. During recharging, the extinguisher  is cleared of all its contents, and the mechanical parts are disassembled. The extinguisher is then inspected and cleaned. Defective parts are identified and replaced during the recharging process. The fire extinguisher is then reassembled, filled, and pressurized for use.

  • Six-Year Tear Down – A six-year tear down checks the internal components of the extinguisher.  It is performed to verify that all mechanical parts are working efficiently. The fire extinguisher is then put through the maintenance procedures. After the fire extinguisher has been inspected, it is then recharged and returned to service.

  • Hydrostatic Testing - Pressurized fire extinguishers must be hydrostatically tested. A hydrostatic test is a pressure test performed on an extinguisher to inspect for flaws and weaknesses. The cylinder is checked for any physical defects. An internal inspection on the extinguisher is also performed before it is recharged and returned to service.

Homeland Security Systems Fire Extinguisher Training Programs
Having trained employees is the most important part of using a fire extinguisher. OSHA requires that employers train all employees where the extinguishers are located as well as proper use of the extinguisher. Homeland Security Systems offers classroom training as well as on-site hands-on training of the use of the extinguishers.