Nurse Call

Reliable Communication is the key for a quick response in an emergency situation. Nothing is more important when a patient feels the signs of a possible heart attack or a senior citizen falls and needs help in an assisted living facility than reliable emergency communication that can make the difference between saving a life and experiencing the ultimate loss.

Nurse Call

Emergency (nurse) call systems provide the perfect lifesaving tool for nearly any situation. From visual nurse call stations to wireless emergency response pendants, area of rescue alarms, and clinic status lights, HTG can provide the perfect solution for all your emergency response system needs...

Wireless Nurse Call and Emergency Call Systems for Hospitals, Outpatient Clinics, Senior Living Facilities, and more

HTG can provide a wide range of emergency communication systems and nurse call equipment perfectly suited to senior & assisted living facilities, outpatient medical clinics, schools, and more.

Nurse Call Pager

Audio and Visual Nurse Call, Door Monitoring, and Wireless Emergency Response Systems

One of the most important aspects of running a successful assisted living facility or outpatient clinic is keeping your patients and your staff in constant communication. Allow HTG to provide you a full line of emergency call products. Choose from a selection of tone visual, voice or wireless systems including pendants and pocket pagers. We can also offer an exemplary call reporting software for monitoring and evaluating your staff’s efficiency and response times.

Put the communication in the hand of the person needing to respond...our pocket pagers do just that!

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